XytoBlast Aqeous Ozone 9000M

Aqueous Ozone Cleaning

The XytoBlast 9000M is our portable ozonated water system that provides a "No Touch" cleaning and sanitizing system.  At about 16 pounds, this durable unit uses the latest "Cold Plasma" cells, that are very different from other systems.  Cold plasma ozone cells run for years without maintenance or reduced power.  

Our powder coated, non-corrosive case will also last for years.  And, it could be easier.  The spray wand provides a low-pressure spray that is excellent for cleaning, and it can reach the hard to clean areas.  Since it is only water, there are no chemicals used and there is no chemical residue when the job is done.

Ozone is one of the world's most effective sanitizers.  It can kill germs 3000 faster than bleach, and faster as well.  The gentle spray is safe for any user, and there is no worry about a hazardous spills or harm to food.

Power: 120V AC 60 Hz
Flow Rate: 3 gpm at 50psi
Min. & Max. Water Pressure: 15psi to 85psi
Ozone Output: Up to 800mg/hr
Ozone Residual: Up to 0.9ppm
Dimensions: (L) 19" (W) 9" (H) 6"
Weight: 16 lbs.

This unit is warranteed for one-year for any repair or replacement.  See warranty info on this website for details.